Malouf Mattress Protector Review

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The biggest problem with mattress protectors flooding the market nowadays is that – in spite of being functional in terms of waterproofing and allergen blocking – they run hot and noisy during the night. Basically, you have to compromise on the quality of your sleep to ensure that the quality of your mattress is not compromised!

I think, and you’ll probably agree, that this renders the whole point of having a good bed void – fortunately, some manufacturers also share this view, and one of them is Malouf. Although their Sleep Tite line of mattress protectors has something for all budgets, they’ve taken the time to create higher end protectors that expressly provide essential protection without making your night a hot mess.

Malouf Encase Sleep Tite Mattress Protector

One of my favorites from among their higher priced offerings is the Sleep Tite Encase® Omniphase™ Mattress Protector, which uses proprietary materials in its construction to minimize heating during the night. Impressed as I was with Malouf’s claims about its performance, I decided to do an in-depth Malouf mattress protector review to provide an honest appraisal of its capabilities to my readers.


  • Soft and comfortable top surface.
  • Tencel fiber wicks away moisture.
  • Omniphase material actively regulates surface temperature.
  • Reliable core protection.
  • Protects against bed bugs, in addition to other common allergens.
  • 15 year limited warranty.


  • Expensive.
  • Not completely free of plastic sensation.
  • Difficult to put on mattress alone.



Support Depth

Sizes Available


Tencel with H2Pro fluid proof membrane, Omniphase phase changing material

6 – 22 inches (for all sizes)

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, King, Split King, California King, Split California King

15 Years Limited

Enter the Malouf Sleep Tite Encase® Omniphase™ Mattress Protector

Malouf have an established reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, dependable bedding solutions – and on the surface, the Encase Omniphase mattress cover seems to promise as much.

‘Omniphase’ is the name given to the special material used in the protector to make it feel a lot cooler than the competition, and the cover also uses ‘Tencel’, a proprietary fabric, to enhance its moisture removing ability, so you don’t have to sleep in a pool of your sweat (or worse), as is common with low-budget offerings.

Besides this, the protector is six sided, and uses patented Micro-Tite zipping technology to keep bed bugs, among other allergens, out. All these are pretty sweet features, and point to a product that can be used as part of a premium bedding setup where comfort and relaxation are prioritized.

However, we can’t really take them at face value – and that’s why I’ve done a feature by feature investigation to ascertain the truth in these claims.


The protector has a six-sided form factor, pretty much identical to an encasement, as opposed to the more prevalent five sided, fitted-sheet style favored by protectors in general. A layer of phase changing material (Omniphase) is incorporated to promote temperature regulation, so that the protector feels just right in a wide range of ambient conditions.

Six Sided Protection

Tencel fabric is used to take moisture away from your body, instead of having it pool up and affect your sleep. The protector uses a lab-certified H2Pro® liquid-proof membrane, which is touted as being both breathable and quiet.

These materials are assimilated in a ventilated, durable, elastic, and most importantly, waterproof protector that envelopes your mattress completely. The mattress cover can fit mattresses ranging from 6” to 22” in depth, which is quite a wide margin compared to the market average.

That said, installing this six sided protector may be an exercise in frustration for a lone individual – I personally was unable to figure out how to put on the cover over my 18” deep mattress by myself, and had to invite a friend over for tea to coax them into helping me!


The H2Pro membrane is responsible for basic waterproofing and allergen blocking (I’m talking about dust, dust mites, dead skin, dander and the like). Tencel fabric then wicks away the moisture from the product, thanks to its superior breathability and absorbency, compared to even cotton based protectors!

You would be concerned that if the protector absorbs fluids, it may not be easy to get rid of the accumulated mess even after laundering. However, I found that after a prolonged spill test, the protector works just as advertised: it absorbs the fluid without letting it seep to your mattress, and you can easily wash it out via a standard wash and dry cycle. No hint of coloring remains after the protector has been allowed to dry.

In terms of allergen control, the protector performs completely satisfactorily – the six sided, tightly zippered, elastic enclosure that it creates ensures no pests can compromise your mattress from any angle. Bed bugs, in particular, are kept out effectively in this manner (since regular five sided protection leaves the mattress’s back exposed: a perfect entry point for these nasty insects).

Protection Features

Surface Feel

Tencel Surface

Once again, Tencel saves the day: besides being breathable and absorbent, it is soft too, therefore you can expect a snug, unperturbed sleep with this protector. Bear in mind though that the H2Pro membrane still produces a slight plastic sensation – and depending upon your tolerance (and the thickness of your bedsheet) – you may find it hard to ignore.

For the vast majority of consumers though, the product was comfortable and synergized well with their mattresses.

Heat Retention & Sound

This is where, according to the manufacturer, the Encase protector really shines – here’s what I think:

In terms of getting rid of excess heat, the phase changing material used in the protector does indeed work by absorbing excess heat and releasing it away from the surface so you get a cooler sleep experience. Plenty of users, too, have attested to its superior cooling as compared to run of the mill products.

That said, your body type, the overall composition of your bed, the ambient conditions, will all play a role in how the protector performs; it’s just that this one will perform better than regular plastic / cotton. And if, given you’re sleeping in tropical weather, you do sweat a bit – the Tencel will simply wick away the moisture, thereby still ensuring a much more comfortable experience than cheap protectors.

Omniphase Material For Heat Dissipation

That said, the protector wasn’t completely noiseless – better than conventional covers – but definitely audible. However, by now, I’ve learned to accept that all manufacturers tend to exaggerate this point to attract consumers.

User Feedback

The general feedback from users has been very positive – something I can attest to after scouring dozens of Malouf mattress protector reviews left by consumers online. Lavish praise has been directed at its snug fitting, softness, core protection and coolness.

There have been very scattered complaints pertaining to waterproofing failure, and some issues with noisiness, but the majority is clearly happy with the product’s performance. In any case, even if you do run into a hiccup, the 15 year long warranty has you covered.

Care Instructions

The protector should be washed initially before using it. You can launder it in either hot or cold water, but don’t exceed the 120F mark. A mild non-alkaline detergent is recommended, one that doesn’t contain any harsh whitening chemicals or bleach.

While line drying is the recommended way, you can tumble dry on low heat, too, along with your other bedding accessories. Just makes sure you don’t over dry or use a temperature setting beyond 125F, as this will cause damage to the waterproof membrane and compromise the lifetime of the product. Ironing and dry cleaning are not allowed.


There’s a 15 year limited warranty accompanying this protector, which covers defects in workmanship as well as mattress protector materials. The warranty also covers any stains on the mattress caused by these defects, provided you’re the original purchaser of the protector.

A sales receipt is required for processing the warranty. Note that the warranty shall be void if you do not follow care instructions properly, or otherwise subject the protector to abuse.


It is rare to find a mattress protector that exudes an aura of quality, but as is evident from my Encase mattress protector review, this one seems to nail it almost perfectly:

With its combination of laboratory tested, proprietary design practices and materials, it achieves dependable essential protection against fluids, allergens and bed bugs, while also staying cool and comfortable for the most part. While a slight plastic feel still escapes the protector, it is much more subtle than what is typically expected in mattress covers.

The protector is doubtlessly expensive, but its multitude of premium features, coupled with a 15 year warranty (that even covers mattress stains to an extent), more than justify the expense for someone in need of a high end protective solution for their luxury mattress.

Feel free to leave any queries and comments that you have below, and if you found my review informative, be sure to share it with your friends on social media.

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