Luna Premium Mattress Protector Reviewed

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With the world becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of harmful compounds used in everyday products, certain manufacturers have found themselves a niche in the market where they provide products free of said dangerous compounds.

This holds true in the mattress protector market, where many products rely on plastics containing PVC, phthalates and vinyl to create an affordable waterproof, allergen-proof barrier. While this does appeal to individuals on a budget, it is also a big turn off for any health-conscious consumer.

In that regard, Luna, a well-known name in bedding products, has created the Luna Premium Mattress Protector to provide a waterproof, allergen resistant mattress shield that does not rely heavily on plastics, and does not use any harmful compounds in its construction.​

​Read my unbiased Luna mattress protector review to decide whether the features justify the purchase of this slightly pricier-than-average mattress cover.



Sizes Available


Terry Cotton and Plastic Membrane

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King

15 Years

The Breakdown

The Luna mattress protector is a simple fitted sheet style cover that goes over your mattress and keeps it safe against threats that can seriously compromise its useful lifetime: fluids, dust mites, dander, dead skin, and bacteria.​

The cover consists of a cotton-terry surface on top, backed by a thin plastic membrane for keeping fluids and allergens away, which stands out among the generally all-plastic construction of most protectors in the market.

This makes it a good candidate for those sleepers who need to protect their premium quality mattress without degrading their sleeping experience. In fact, the manufacturer advertises the cover’s surface as being completely unobtrusive, so that their consumers should expect the feel of their bed to remain unchanged after putting it on.

Given the lavish nature of this (and other) claims, I simply had to put it to the test, to see if the manufacturer lived up to their established name in the market.

Core Protection​

The chief reason for getting any mattress protector is, you guessed it, safeguarding your expensive mattress. In this department, the Luna mattress cover did not disappoint.

The waterproofing worked as advertised for as many as 8 hours, and this was also attested to by multiple users, who said it protected against hazards ranging from animal urine to amniotic fluid! Unlike some of its cheaper competitors, its cotton terry surface also acted as a wick, pulling any residual moisture away from the sleeper’s body.

There were a few complaints regarding the loss of waterproofing with subsequent washes, but this is probably due to the consumer laundering it improperly.

The cotton terry surface has been made hypoallergenic, and while there was no short-term way to verify this, the dearth of any complaints about allergic reactions while sleeping on the protector does indicate the effectiveness of the hypoallergenic mechanism.

One thing to note, while the protector does offer anti-bacterial defense, judging from its initial smell, it does so through a chemical substance – so those who are averse to chemical sprays may want to avoid it.


The protector has been made like a fitted sheet, with elastic sides that can easily fit into any mattress with a depth of up to 18”. The top is terry cotton, with a waterproof membrane underneath it. Note that some users have had trouble fitting it snugly over low depth mattress e.g. around 11”, so I’ll advise avoiding this one if your mattress is any thinner.

PVC, Vinyl and Phthalate Free​

According to Luna, their protector is free from these harmful compounds that can release toxins in the environment which can potentially harm the sleeper – especially true for babies and toddlers.

That said, there was no way to deduce for certain exactly how the manufacturer was achieving the waterproofing without using any plastic containing these compounds – so you have to take their word for it. One thing is for certain though, there is some sort of plastic involved in the mechanism, since there have been multiple reports of the typical wrinkly noise from consumers.


Invisi-Lay Protection is the fancy name Luna has given to their cotton terry surface, to imply that it will not alter the overall feel of the bed after it has been placed over the mattress.

While this surface is a vast improvement over the spun polyester fiber surfaces found in cheaper protectors in terms of comfort, it is by no means ‘invisible’, especially if you’re using a thin bedsheet on top. That said, in spite of being distinctly noticeable, the surface is breathable and quite comfortably soft.

​It does not however completely eliminate the plastic nature of the waterproof membrane, with a slight wrinkly sensation still lingering on – much less tangible than other cheap protectors though.

Heat Retention​

As mentioned before, even though the product uses a breathable cotton top layer, the waterproof membrane is at least partly plastic, so there is some heat retention to be expected.

As with most other protectors, user feedback tells an ambiguous tale at best – some have found it pretty cool, while others have experienced some sweating. Ultimately, a lot comes down to personal tolerance and the prevailing climatic situation.

As an illustrative point though, users have reported being able to comfortably use this protector over a Tempurpedic mattress.


In a similar fashion to other products, the Luna mattress cover comes with a 15 year warranty that covers defects in manufacturing and fabric.

Care Instructions​

You can wash the protector with either cold or hot water, using only those detergents that don’t have any bleach in them. Bleach will wreak havoc with the waterproof membrane. Dry cleaning is also not allowed on account of the harsh chemicals involved in the process.

The cover can be tumble dried on low heat along with other bedding accessories such as sheets and towels. Drying on a higher setting will compromise the waterproofing, as will ironing the protector.

User Feedback​

After scouring through Luna mattress protector reviews left by consumers, I’ve found that the general opinion pertaining to core functionality is largely positive, with a few complaints of waterproofing failure sprinkled in between.

The complaints are probably due to improper care, which can result in damaged waterproofing – but in the event that this is a manufacturing defect, the 15 year warranty has you covered. Judging from the lack of negativity about the support department, the company seems to be doing its job as far as warranty coverage is concerned.

There have no issues with odor, but heat retention has definitely been reported to varying degrees. Furthermore, the cotton terry surface is not unnoticeable as the manufacturer claims.


While this protector is not without its problems, the overall impression I got was one of high quality, a thing that can’t be easily said for much of what’s present in the market.

The cotton terry surface, if not entirely imperceptible, is a lot softer and breathable than artificial plastic – if it’s too much of a problem for you, you can always use a thicker sheet on top of the protector to nullify its effect. The waterproofing was thoroughly reliable, and the fact that protector does not use any PVC or phthalates to achieve it makes it even more impressive – even justifying the slightly more expensive price tag.

Combine this with vastly favorable user feedback, and the fact that the protector is backed by a 15 year warranty, and you’ve got a product that is thoroughly suited for use in a high-end bedding setup.

Don’t hesitate to leave any feedback / queries in the comment section down below – and if you found this review helpful, do remember to share it with friends who could benefit from it. Be sure to check out the other mattress protectors we've covered.

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