A Review of the Linenspa Premium Mattress Protector

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Mattresses, at least good ones, aren’t cheap – heck, even the cheapest ones cost more than a hundred bucks. Moisture happens to be one of the biggest threats to an exposed mattress – it seeps in, creates odor, encourages the growth of bacteria, and causes it to become a breeding ground for dust mites and bed bugs.

Ironically, our bodies are an excellent source of moisture during the night – our sweat alone, if allowed to seep into the mattress, is sufficient to cause the unpleasant consequences discussed above. And this is discounting the occasional accidents that happen to kids and indisposed elders.

Suffice to say, mattresses need to be protected if they are to remain conducive to sleep, and a mattress protector is the answer. But not everyone wants to spend a chunk of money on an aftermarket accessory either, especially if they’re strapped for cash.

Linenspa has a product that may help you out in such a scenario – here is my in-depth Linenspa Mattress Protector review to help you decide if it is worth your investment.


  • Cheap
  • Essentially soft and unobtrusive.
  • Easy fit / remove.
  • Core protection features work reliably.
  • 10 year warranty.


  • Made entirely of plastic materials, so it does make some noise and feel slightly crinkly.
  • Sensitive to improper maintenance.



Pocket Depth:

Sizes Available


Surface & Sidewall 100% polyester

Backing 100% polyurethane

Depth: 6” – 18”

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King

10 years limited

Enter the Linenspa Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector

This offering from Linenspa is meant to be a budget solution – so don’t attach premium quality, luxurious aspirations to it.

That said, the Linenspa Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector, made out of polyurethane and vinyl, is designed to provide reliable protection against fluids, allergens and stains for your mattress, at a price that amounts to a tiny fraction of even the cheapest mattress.​

The thin, breathable top layer is intended to provide a comfortable sleeping surface, minus the typical plastic feel associated with budget protectors (as per the manufacturer). The layer is hypoallergenic too, so it keeps common allergens such as dust mites and fungi from entering your mattress. Polyurethane backing keeps the fluids out.​

Given its cheap nature, it is an excellent choice for securing your guest mattress from a night time spill (particularly when young children are involved), or even for your own mattress’s security, given you’re able to tolerate the problems associated with plastic.

Here’s what I found while testing the manufacturer’s claims:

Features and Benefits​


According to Linenspa, their mattress cover offers total protection against fluids, while also providing essential shielding against common allergens. From what I’ve gleaned from user feedback, the cover definitely lives up to its claims as far as waterproofing goes.

Even after the fluid has been allowed to stay on the surface for several hours, there is virtually no seepage – it stays as a pool on top of the protector, and does not even slide away to the sides and compromise the mattress from there.

The underlying thin plastic film also does its job in terms of keeping dust mites out – but since the cover is five sided, the back of your mattress is exposed - so you shouldn’t expect this protector to safeguard against bed bugs effectively.


The product has elastic sides which go over the mattress like a fitted sheet, so putting it on and removing it for washing is no hassle. The surface is 100% polyester – soft brushed, so it is softer than run-of-the-mill covers made out of regular plastic. The underlying backing is 100% polyurethane, to keep fluids out of the mattress completely.

The top surface has been made breathable, according to Linenspa, to prevent their customers from sleeping hot. In spite of this, it able to keep out dander, dust mites and dead skin flakes, all of which can seriously compromise the lifetime of your mattress and your own wellbeing.​

One noteworthy aspect of this protector is that even its elastic sides have been made waterproof – so even if the liquid slides to the sides, it won’t make its way inside. This is a common complaint with cheap protectors, that their waterproofing is limited to the top surface only. Depending on the size you opt for, the protector can fit mattresses with depths ranging from 6 to 18 inches.


Even though the product is touted as being noiseless and soft, I knew it would be a surprise if this really was the case. A sub-$20 protector made primarily from plastic simply can’t achieve that. Indeed, this was the case: while the noise was lower than some of the competition, it was definitely present and perceptible.​

The softness was adequate, considering the cost and materials involved, but for the more sensitive sleepers, I’ll recommend using an extra cover on top to negate the somewhat wrinkly feel of the protector. However, in spite of the noise and slight crinkliness, the mattress cover was not obtrusive enough to disrupt my sleep.

Thermal Profile​

The cover is ultra-thin, with a breathable top layer, even though it is made of polyester and polyurethane, it performs rather admirably in terms of dissipating heat. Multiple users have reported that it stays surprisingly cool during the night, but I suspect part of it has to do with the ambient conditions they’re sleeping in too.


A 10 year limited warranty is provided by Linenspa, covering defects in workmanship and materials. Normal wear and tear is not covered, as well as damage caused by incorrect maintenance. Pretty much standard fare as far as terms and conditions are concerned, but still, this goes a long way to indicate that they have confidence in their offering – even if it costs under 20 bucks.

Care Instructions​

With low end products like these, it is important to follow the care instructions to the hilt if you want them to perform for a long time. With this protector, make sure you use only a tiny amount of washing powder. Tumble dry after, on a low heat setting.

Using a setting higher than 125 Fahrenheit will affect the waterproof layer. Indeed, this could be the cause for some of the negative feedback this product has received for its waterproofing (that the majority praised quite clearly).

User Feedback​

As discussed above, the biggest reservation about the product that I gathered from user feedback was that its protection did not last after multiple washes. Since the manufacturer has deliberately made it very thin (so as to be unobtrusive), it is very much possible that rough handling could compromise its lifetime.

There were no major complaints of odor, and the allergen barrier seems to work as advertised too. In terms of surface feel, there were both those who found no plastic sensation at all, and those who couldn’t tolerate it. I guess it comes down to personal preference, but if you fall in the latter camp, it is nothing an extra sheet on top won’t solve.

This seems to be one of those rare cheap products with a warranty that actually delivers if needed – since there were multiple complaints, and the support department did resolve them.


Ultimately, I find this to protector to be a very reasonable bargain for its asking price – provided you follow proper care and maintenance instructions, it yields dependable essential protection for your mattress against threats like fluids, allergens and odors.

Obviously, given its polyester / polyurethane composition, it won’t work in a luxury bed setup where everything has to be completely comfortable and in harmony, but the thinness of this protector does make it low-profile enough to have negligible impact on the sleep quality of all but the most sensitive sleepers.

Combine this with a 10 year warranty that the manufacturer does live up to, and this is one of the best budget mattress protectors out there.

If you’ve got a question, or comment, do leave it in the comments below, and I’ll get back to you promptly.​

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