Top 5 Memory Foam Toppers – Buyers Guide And Reviews

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Memory Foam has become a household name. Originally developed by NASA to improve pilot safety, it's seen wide commercial use. Of course we're talking about Mattress Toppers. It's probably safe to say that no other industry has made such wide spread use of the material. Popular advertisement showing a hand impression left in the foam most likely comes to mind.

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Memory Foam Solutions

Temperature Sensitive

Elastic Memory Foam

3 Year Limited Warranty


Nature's Sleep

With Plush Microfiber Cover

Memory Foam

Limited Warranty


Sleep Joy

With a Breathable Material

Ventilated Memory Foam

Limited Warranty


Luxurest LLC


Memory Foam with Gel

Limited Warranty


Sleep Innovations

Machine Washable

Gel Memory Foam

10 Year Limited Warranty


But what does it mean? Memory foam is designed to give the ultimate comfort, cradling and supporting the body, lessening pressure on the hips, lower back and joints. Let's take a look at the top 5 best memory foam mattress toppers, some key features, and the pros and cons of each topper.


First, we need to understand what memory foam actually is. We've already mentioned how it was originally developed by NASA so that immediately makes us thing 'space-age' or 'high-tech' when we see, or hear those credentials plastered across an advertisement. For the most part its true.

It was originally developed back in 1966. In basic terms, memory foam is a polyurethane material combined with other chemicals to increase the foam's viscosity (or, its resistance to deformation) and density (or, how tightly packed the molecules are).

Density, in general, is affected by heat and pressure so when you lay down on a memory foam mattress topper, the combination of your weight (mainly the pressure points in your shoulders and hips), combined with you bodies natural body heat will cause the foam to react and actually firm up, adding support to your body. When applied to a mattress or topper, this feature helps support the body without applying specific points of pressure to the body in the way that springs or coils might in traditional bedding.

As amazing as memory foam can be, it's not perfect for every person. Let's look at some of the benefits and limitations of memory foam.


The number one benefit to purchasing a memory foam mattress is the unparalleled level of support and comfort. This is especially true for individuals who suffer from chronic back (especially lower back pain), neck, or hip pain. Due to the nature of the foam and the way its density reacts to your body temperature and the way that it resists deformation once in position, molding itself to your body, it can be like sleeping on a cloud. There is virtually no pressure added to your body. You can see our recommendations for toppers for back pain here.

It molds itself to the body's natural curves and giving support where support is needed, namely the neck and back. At the same time no harsh pressure is applied to the shoulders and hips as you might find with other traditional bedding. For more on how memory foam can help with lower back pain check out

The limitations of memory foam can be a deal breaker for many consumers. We've already discussed how the memory foam reacts to body heat. In one hand, this is what makes memory foam work, on the other hand the memory foam has a tendency to trap your body heat. If you're a hot sleeper than this may be a concern worth looking into. It all comes down to air flow. The more the foam is compressed the less air is able to flow the foam, restricting the heat from escaping naturally. For ways to over come this issue check out

The second major limitation is that a major part of memory foam's development is centered around chemicals. For people who are more sensitive to chemicals, they may want to check out a more natural alternative such a latex which is advertised as being 'all-natural.'

One Final Thought

Before we look at the best memory foam mattress topper reviews. It's important to note that by adding a mattress topper, you are adding an additional 2" to 4" to the overall height of your mattress. It's important to count the cost and figure in the possibility having to buy new deep pocket fitted sheets. Deep pocket fitted sheets will give you extra space needed to accommodate the mattress pad. With that out of the way, let's get down to the buyers guide, features and reviews of the top memory foam toppers..


Here are our top 5 memory foam mattress topper reviews.

Queen Size 3" Thk, 4lb. Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

Key Points

  • Size: Queen
  • Elastic Memory Foam
  • ​3" Thick w/ 4lb. Density
  • ​Temperature sensitive (firmer when cool, softer when warm)
  • Warranty: 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 3 Year Limited Warranty

Queen Size 3" Thk, 4lb. Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper is made in the USA and meets all EPA standards. The topper is 3" thick and only weighs 4 lbs. making it easy to move and store if necessary. The foam is designed to be temperature sensitive but memory foam in general is temperature sensitive but the added density, combined with the increased air circulation built into the foam, it gives the feel of being cooler as if the material was infused with gel, as well as providing the desired support to the body. That is why this one of the best memory foam toppers available.


  • Guaranteeing user satisfaction
  • The added thickness and density makes the mattress more support
  • Feels like it is infused with gel
  • Easy to lift and move at only 4 lbs
  • Will eleviate back and hip pain from the support of the foam
  • American made to all EPA standards


  • The price is nearly double (triple for some) the cost of any of the other toppers on this list
  • Redundant wording in ad such as "Visco Elastic" and "Temperature sensitive"
  • If you're sensitive, it does retain body heat

Nature's Sleep Cool IQ 2.5" Thk 3.5 lbs Voisco Elastic Memory Foam. Queen

Key Points

  • Size: Queen
  • Memory Foam
  • ​2.5" Thick
  • ​Includes plush microfiber cover.
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty

Nature's Sleep Cool IQ 2.5" Thk 3.5 lbs Voisco Elastic Memory Foam, Queen is designed to give comfort as well as address the issue of overheating with memory foam toppers. This topper is designed with a large cell structure to allow air to flow even while being compressed. It has also been treated to be hypoallergenic, making it accessible to people with allergies or other sensitivities. It also includes a microfiber cover that is designed to help the topper not slide around.


  • Large Cell Design to help ventalate body heat
  • Includes microfiber cover
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial protection
  • Beneficial for hips, back and shoulder pain


  • The price
  • Not as cool as other mattress toppers

Sleep Joy 3" ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

Key Points

  • Size: Queen
  • Ventilated Memory Foam
  • ​Breathable material allows ventilation
  • ​Odor-neutralized
  • Enhanced with plan-based ingredients.
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty

Sleep Joy 3" ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen is an environmental option for consumers worried about the chemicals in other memory foam mattresses. The makers, Sleep Joy, claim that the ventilated foam helps prevent the build up of body heat during the night. And for sleepers susceptible to chemical odors, the company has taken steps to remove all chemical smells before you ever use the topper.


  • Environmentally conscious material that includes plant-based ingredients
  • Made in the USA and compliant with all EPA standards
  • Low impact for hot sleepers
  • Odor-nuetralized


  • Not as firm as other memory foam toppers
  • No cover for the foam

Recommended For

An environmental option for consumers worried about the chemicals in other memory foam mattresses.

Luxurest Gel Infused Memory Foam 4" Thk, Queen

Key Points

  • Size: Queen
  • Memory Foam with Gel
  • ​4" thick foam
  • ​Ventilated for improved air flow.
  • Warranty: Limited Warranty

Luxurest Gel Infused Memory Foam 4" Thk, Queen is infused with gel to increase comfort and to address the issue of body heat without sacrificing the density and support needed to privide comfort and support. Other manufacturers increase the cell size for ventilation, in turn, reducing the density and the support needed for your body. Gel offers cooling without the loss of comfort.


  • 4" thick with firm support
  • Gel to keep the matress from getting to hot
  • Made in the U.S.A. and compliant with all EPA Standards


  • High price tag compared to similar mattress toppers
  • Strong chemical smell

Sleep Innovations 4" Dual Layer Mattress Topper - Gel Memory Foam and Plush Fiber, Queen

Key Points

  • Size: Queen
  • Dual Layer, Gel Memory Foam and Plush Fiber
  • ​4" thick top
  • ​Removable, machine washable 300-thread count cover
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty

Sleep Innovations 4" Dual Layer Mattress Topper - Gel Memory Foam and Plush Fiber, Queen is made in the U.S. and combines cooling gel memory foam with a plush fiber layer giving this mattress topper the best of both worlds. It is designed so that it will be easy to clean with a removal mattress cover. The quality is not missing with the 300-thread count cotton cover.

If you're looking for the comfort and support of a memory foam without the body heat issues this may be a good option for you. Innovation is in the name, and why this makes our list of best memory foam mattress toppers.


  • Forms to the bodies curves.
  • Made in the USA
  • Machine washable cover, 300-thread count, 100% cotton
  • Dust mite and allergen resistant
  • Does not hold body heat


  • Requires deep pocket sheets

Recommended For

The best option for those who are looking for the comfort and support of a memory foam without the body heat issues.


Like always, finding the best mattress topper to fit your needs is a personal decision.  I know for myself the best memory foam mattress topper, when looking through the options was the Queen Size 3" Thk, 4lb. Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper felt like the best choice. I can't say the price enthused me too much but after shopping around, you can find a good deal that makes this mattress an affordable option.

I tend to deal with lower back pain and the mattress I have does little to help. In fact, it makes the issue worse. By adding a memory foam topper, I've noticed that the aches and pains that were common with waking up are greatly reduced. The quandary I find myself in is this: I'm also a hot sleeper, but there are ways to combat the heat build up. One way is to use a cooling gel pillow and also to keep my feet uncovered to allow body heat to escape. 

I hope you found this article beneficial in your search for the perfect mattress topper.

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